HobbyWing 30402653 EZRUN-1626SD-3500KV


HobbyWing 30402653 EZRUN-1626SD-3500KV

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HobbyWing 30402653 EZRUN-1626SD-3500KV

The first motor from Hobbywing is specifically designed for high-power 1/28th scale cars.

-Improved top speed
-Precision response
-High efficiency with the cool operation
-Designed for the rigors of high performance
-Easy to maintain with quality components

More Power!
When used with the EzRun Mini28 ESC,
timing advance can be used to increase top speeds drastically.
Small or large changes can be made for major on-demand power needs.

Precision Response
Zero cogging, consistent torque, and excellent low-speed response give an amazing feel and driveability.
The use of high-precision sensors ensures the ESC will be able to provide the best feel for the drivers.

Higher Efficiency means cooler operation
The 1626 motor is extremely efficient and has increased power compared to similar size motors.

Designed to ensure higher power capabilities
-High-density 4-layer PCB provide easy-to-solder connections.
-Reliable Materials
-High-quality bearings
-High-hardness aluminum CNC casing
-High-strength explosion-proof rotor
-High-resistant output shaft
-200°C temperature-resistant copper wire
-0.2mm ultra-thin silicon steel sheet

Modular detachable structure, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.


Scale – 1/28th
Brushed/Brushless – BL
Sensored/Sensorless – SD
Pole Count – 2

Relevant Parameters

KV Rating – 2500
LiPo Cells – 2S
No-load Current (A) – 0.4A

Size & Weight

O.D.(mm) – 16
Length (mm) – 26
Shaft Diameter (mm) – 2
Weight (g) – 18g
Bearing – D5*D2*T2.5

Applications – 1/28th Mini

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 25.00 × 25.00 × 20.00 cm