Hobbywing 30404005 QUICRUN 2435SL 6500KV BLACK-G3


Hobbywing 30404005 QUICRUN 2435SL 6500KV BLACK-G3

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Hobbywing 30404005 QUICRUN 2435SL 6500KV BLACK-G3

The Hobbywing QuicRun 2435SL 1/18 Brushless Motor is designed to deliver extreme power to a smaller scale! This dust-proof motor for will be a great option for off-road vehicles/trucks. Hobbywing has designed a motor compatible with a wide range of RC models. Package includes one brushless motor.


The high-performance QUICRUN 2435SL G3 series four-pole sensorless AC electric motors are ideal for tuning RC cars such as 1:16 and 1:18 road and off-road cars. Compared to DC motors of size 380-400, they offer much higher performance and efficiency. If you want to treat your model to a more powerful motor with a longer lifespan and greater adjustment options in cooperation with the QUICRUN 16BL30 intelligent controller, the electric motors of the QUICRUN 2435SL G3 series are just right for you!

  • -Compared to the previous generation of QUICRUN motors, they offer up to 60% more power and 5% more efficiency – at the same load, the operating temperature of the motor is therefore lower.
  • -Dust sealed construction for long life.
  • -Highly stable course of power and torque throughout the entire range of operating speeds.
  • -CNC machined aluminum alloy shell, high purity copper wire winding, advanced rotor design, very thin (0.2mm) silicon steel sheets, high quality shaft, precision ball bearings for high durability and smooth operation.
  • -Modular design for easy maintenance and repair/parts replacement.



  • -High efficiency for more power with lower temperatures!
  • -4-pole rotor design for more torque with strong explosive force.
  • -Compared with the previous generation of motors, the output power and efficiency are increased by more than 4%, and the motor temperature is effectively reduced under the same load.
  • -0.2mm thick silicon steel laminations, high strength explosion-proof rotor, high-temperature resistant coil, and imported high-precision and high-quality bearings make the motor super durable.



  • -Input Voltage: 2S LiPo
  • -KV: 6500kV
  • -Pole: 4
  • -Motor Diameter: 0.94" (24mm)
  • -Motor Length: 1.42" (36mm)
  • -Shaft Diameter: 0.08" (2mm)
  • -Shaft Length: 0.47" (12mm)
  • -Bearing size: D8*D3*T4
  • -Weight: 61.2g
  • -Engine type :Alternate
    -Revolutions per volt [rpm/V] :6500
    -Li-Po [Art.] :2
    -No load current [A] :3.4
    -Number of poles :4
    -Diameter [mm] :24
    -Engine housing length [mm] :36
    -Shaft diameter [mm] :2
    -Length of free shaft [mm] :12
    -Weight [g] :61.2
    -Timing [°] :0
    -Hall probe :No

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