Hobbywing 30404314 QuicRun Brushed 540-40T


Hobbywing 30404314 QuicRun Brushed 540-40T

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Hobbywing 30404314 QuicRun Brushed 540-40T


Product information "Hobbywing Quicrun Brushed 540 40 Turn Motor"

Thanks to its outstanding response and control, the 40T Quicrun Brushed 540 motor is ready for the next 1/10 scale adventure. The adjustable motor timing can be selected in the range between -20° and +20°. And the more precisely this value is set to your own preferences, the better the driving experience.

Due to the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process, the motors of this Quicrun Brushed series certainly meet the high demands of today's driving conditions. These include the heat-resistant magnet and the built-in copper wires, which can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C. The brushes were specially developed so that, due to their extremely long service life, they give the impression of being brushless motors.

Another highlight is the permanently mounted PCB anti-interference boards, each with two soldered capacitors to ensure a less stressful driving experience.



  • -Modern motor for 1/10 On-Road and Off-Road action
  • -Great efficiency
  • -Adjustable timing
  • -Zero-togging torque design
  • -Incl. PCB board to avoid interference
  • -Easily dismantled for maintenance work

Technical Specifications:

-Type: Brushed
-Turns: 40T
-RPM @ 7.4V: 10 500
-Input Voltage: <=12.6V
-Slots: 3
-Length: 53.2mm
-Diameter: 36mm
-Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
-Weight: 169g
-Application: :1/10 On-Road, Buggy,
:Crawler & 2WD Truck

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