RadioLink CM210 1.5A Balance Charger


RadioLink CM210 1.5A Balance Charger

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RadioLink CM210 1.5A Balance Charger

Power Supply Self-adapting · Multiple Power Supply Input

CM210, with universal Type-C 5V DC input, can automatically adjust the charging current according to the power supply to ensure that the power supply is not overloaded and achieve charging-friendly. Adapters, computers, mobile power supplies, car chargers, and other power supply equipment can be used as the power supply of CM210. Charging is as convenient and simple as a mobile phone. Safely charge anywhere, anytime.

Compact and Portable

Pocket-sized and extremely portable, CM210 is a tiny charger with almost negligible size and weight*

that can be carried anywhere without stress.

(size: 40.5*21*15mm, weight: 9g)

Fast Charge + Efficient Pre-balance

Outfield Racing, Running, Flight without Waiting

It adopts series charging and bypass balance.

The maximum 1.5A pulse charging technology helps achieve maximum battery protection while achieving fast charging.

Different from the traditional charger that detection of low-current charging when the battery is fully charged, CM210 adopts dynamic balance in the whole charging process that greatly shortens the balance time.

A 500mAh 2S LiPo battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes if charged by CM210*

Low Voltage Pre-charge + Repair Mode

It's not only a Charger but also a Money Saver

When it is detected that the single-cell battery is lower than 3.0V, the battery repair mode is activated to restore the battery capacity, so that the over-discharged battery can return to strong power and prolong the battery life

More Power and Longer Playtime

Trickle Charging Mode

The battery capacity will be detected automatically during the charging process. When the battery is nearly fully charged (when the voltage is charged to 4.16V), it will switch to the trickle charging mode automatically, that is, it adjusts to the best 1C charging automatically, which improves the battery life while charging efficiently. Ensure the strong power of the battery and maximize the battery play life

High Efficiency but Low Consumption

Real-time Power Display

The charging precision is 0.02V and the charging efficiency is up to 82%.
The battery power indicator LEDs of CM210 help to check the charging progress, and the real-time charging power can be seen immediately


1)Low-power precharge: When it is detected that the voltage of a single cell of the battery is lower than 3.0V, a small current is used to activate the battery to restore the battery capacity.

2)Fast charge: When it is detected that the voltage of a single cell of the battery is higher than 3.0V and lower than 4.16V, 1.5A is used to charge the battery.

3)Trickle charging: When it is detected that the voltage of a single cell of the battery is higher than 4.16V, 0.8A is used to charge the battery to make the battery fully charged and avoid overcharging.

4)Temperature control: When it is detected that the board temperature is higher than 75 degrees Celsius, the charging current will be reduced to 2/3 of the predetermined current to lower the board temperature, and when it is detected that the board temperature is lower than 70 degrees Celsius, predetermined current will be restored to charge the battery.

5)Power supply protection: When it is detected that the power supply voltage drops to 3.7V, the current is set to a predetermined current to adapt to various charging heads of different specifications.

6)Balance charging: When the battery voltage is charged to 4.16V if it is detected that the voltages of the two batteries are not equal, the balance charging is turned on to ensure that the battery voltages are consistent.

7)Charging alarm: When there is no current detected for a long time, charging will be automatically stopped, and the red LED will flash to indicate an abnormality.

8)Charging time: About 40 minutes for a 500mAH 2S battery.

9)Voltage precision: The full voltage is 4.20V±0.02V.

10) Charging efficiency: Higher than 82%.



Size: 40.5*21*15 mm

Weight: 9g

Input Voltage: 5V

Supporting Battery: 2S LiPo battery

Charging Precision: 0.02V

Charging Voltage: Max. 4.2V for each battery cell

Charging Current: 1.5A

Balance Current: 0.8A

Max. Output Power: 20W
Power Supply Input Port: USB Type-C Input
Charging Port Interface: 2S battery balance port

Working Modes: Charging Mode, Balance Mode, Repair Mode (Self-adaptive, with no need to set it) 

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 40.00 × 30.00 × 20.00 cm