RadioLink RC6GS V3 2.4GHz 7CH Tx & Rx GYRO 600mtr Range RC6GSV3-R7FG


RadioLink RC6GS V3 2.4GHz 7CH Tx & Rx GYRO 600mtr Range RC6GSV3-R7FG

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RadioLink RC6GS V3 2.4GHz 7CH Tx & Rx GYRO 600mtr Range RC6GSV3-R7FG

The Radiolink RC6GS V3 is a new trigger style transmitter and receiver combo suitable for RC cars and RC boats. Radiolink is a manufacturer that has a surprisingly long history in RC and is know for reliable control links.

7 Channels. From a hardware standpoint the transmitter has a total of 7 channels

  • Steering
  • Throttle
  • 3 position switch to the top left of the steering wheel
  • 3 position switch to the top right of the steering wheel
  • Momentary switch on handle controlled by middle finger
  • Momentary switch above handle controlled by your thumb
  • Variable switch to the far left
Features ;
– 600 Meters Control Distance
– 30 Models Storage
– Gyro Integrated and HV Servo supported
– Timer & HPV head Track Function
– Built in Telemetry of Maximum 8s Model Battery Voltage
-A switch can be set to active D/R

Compatible with R7FGR8FGR8EFR8FR6FGR6FR4FGMR4F

600 Meters Ground Distance

With the same FHSS spread spectrum of AT9S Pro and 67 channels, pseudo-random frequency hopping makes RC6GS V3 have the superior anti-interference ability both at the same frequency band and different frequency bands.With the transmitter chip of ARM M4 and the receiver chip as the industrial 32bits ARM Cortex M0, ensuring the superior ability of anti-sparks interference even enjoy with an oil tanker.The control distance is up to 600 meters.

Real-time Built-In Telemetry of Model Battery Voltage 

Telemetry is capable of RSSI, receiver, and model battery voltage.RSSI and receiver voltage data will display once binding complete.The model voltage will display by connecting the wire to the ESC, battery, and Telemetry port of receiver R7FG/R8F, no extra module needed. Telemetry of maximum 8S (33.6V) battery supported.

Cruise Control System

Software Product ;

For a mid range radio this is actually very well featured. As I say I don't like the menu system nor the navigation (again, see the FS-GT5 for how this is done well) but it is intuitive if you know what the menu functions. Let me take you through all 25 (!) of them

  • Language – chose you language of choice, English by default
  • Model – you can store unique settings for up to 30 vehicles here, remembering all parameters for each
  • EPA – End Point Adjustment. Accurately adjust the endpoint of each channel independently in both directions to correctly set up you steering and throttle for maximum control resolution
  • STEXP – Steering Expo. This allows you to create an exponential curve for steering to make it less sensitive near the steering origin and progressively more sensitive the more you turn. Great for fine control in a straight line without compromising steering lock.
  • THEXP – Throttle Expo. Offers esc travel that is not directly proportional to trigger travel. Control response can be adjusted to be milder below half, but becomes increasing stronger as travel approaches 100%. Great for controlling a low speed wheel spin issue.
  • THSPD – Throttle speed. This allows you to add lag/delay into throttle response if you have too much throttle response.
  • A.B.S – Anti-lock Brake System. Allows you to adjust the pulsing of brakes to ensure you don't loose traction under brakes.
  • ACCEL – Throttle Acceleration Setting.
  • IDLUP – Idle Up. This is typically for fuel powered motors to bump up the idle speed on startup.
  • SUB-trim – This allows you to adjust the servo/ESC centre point, independent of trim hardware switches
  • REVERSE – Allows you to reverse any channel as required
  • D/R – Dual Rate. Allows you to adjust the maximum range for throttle or steering if you wish to quickly limit top speed or steering lock. This can be tied to a variable or 3 way switch if you wish to access on the go without navigating menus.
  • ATL – Brake side Adjustment. Setting for nitro cars where trim adjust the brake side of trigger only without affecting throttle on side.
  • PMIX01/2 – Two separate channel mixing menus that allow you to control things like multi-motor powered vehicles, multi servo steering and more. Mean that this radio can control practically anything that drives on land or rides on water.
  • AUX-CH – Auxiliary channel setting allows you to assign which every switch or control to which every channel you wish.
  • NAME – Model Naming. Allows you to customise model names to the names of your vehicles rather than just having model 1, model 2, model 3 etc.
  • ALARM – allows you to set a beeper if the transmitter battery gets low (adjustable voltage), if the vehicle battery gets low assuming you are using telemetry and if the radio signal gets low via RSSI – another form of telemetry I've not yet discussed. This is useful to know if you are reaching the range limits.
  • GYRO – Gyro Setting. Allows you to adjust how much the receiver gyroscope impacts counter-steer and throttle retarding rates.
  • F/S – Failsafe. Tells your vehicle what to do if radio signal fails eg shut throttle off and turn hard left etc.
  • ID Seed – Subsidiary ID setting
  • DSC – This allows you to chose the function of this small port on the back of the radio – input (e.g. for headtracking) or output (e.g. simulator control or controlling another multiprotocol/crossfire module).
  • TIMER – Timer setting. Set custom timers that can count up or down based on a trigger such as throttle pull or even tied to one of the unused switches.
  • RESET – Full factory reset.


  • 1 x RC6GS V3 Transmitter
  • 1 x R7FG Receiver
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Adapter cable for battery telemetry, XT-60-XT-60
  • 1 x Lanyard
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