Tamiya 56511 TR Multi-Function Control Unit


Tamiya 56511 TR Multi-Function Control Unit

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Tamiya 56511 TR Multi-Function Control Unit

Product: 1/14 Multi-function Control Unit MFC-01

About the Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit

Tamiya presents incredible sound and action options for any 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck with the all R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit. This system, when mounted on the truck is located inside the cabin with speaker to the front and the MFC-01 unit to the rear. The control unit is mounted inside the left tool box for easy access.<br
An ESC has been built in to the unit, enabling realistic running at very low speeds.

A 4-channel R/C system activates all functions

By using your transmitter sticks and the trims you can control the truck movements (forward/backward running and turns), horn, motorized support legs (Item #56505) (sold separately), headlights, position lamps, roof lamps and speed indicators. You can also activate the back lamp, tail lamps and blinkers/hazard lamps as well as engine revving.<br

TR Multi-Function Control Unit

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