Hobbywing 30401062 XERUN DRX 3652SD 9500KV BLACK


Hobbywing 30401062 XERUN DRX 3652SD 9500KV BLACK

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Hobbywing 30401062 XERUN DRX 3652SD 9500KV BLACK


Product information "Hobbywing Xerun DRX 3652SD 9500kV"

With the Xerun DRX 3652SD motor at 9500kV, the dream of achieving top speed in drag races becomes a reality. The high RPM, combined with the fully adjustable endbell and the corresponding precise timing, creates the ideal conditions for this type of racing. Moreover, this motor delivers even more power with less heat generation compared to comparable motors on the market.

To fully meet these demanding requirements, the rotor is surrounded, for example, by a specially crafted steel sleeve. Additionally, to reinforce the motor, the housing is made of high-strength CNC aluminum, while the drive shaft is crafted from a robust alloy. Premium bearings and optimized UU-shaped copper rails contribute to enduring racing enjoyment.


  • Approximately 6% more powerful than comparable motors
  • Achieves very high RPM
  • Ideal for Drag Racing
  • Open housing design ensures necessary heat dissipation
  • Dual-sensor design for optimal wiring in the car
  • The widened and thickened copper rail design ensures the handling of high currents
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Type: -Brushless Sensored
kV Rating: -9500kV
No-Load Current: -8.6A
Cells (LiPo): -2S
Poles: -4
Diameter: -36mm
Length: -53mm
Shaft Diameter: -3.175mm
Shaft Length: -14.5mm
Weight: -187g
Application: -1/10 Drag Race

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