Hobbywing 30401256 XeRun AXE550 R2-3300KV


Hobbywing 30401256 XeRun AXE550 R2-3300KV

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Hobbywing 30401256 XeRun AXE550 R2-3300KV

Applicable to All Weather & Track Conditions

Waterproof has been taken to a new level with the Axe System. Completely sealed ESC design with robust heatsink case design ensure the ESC is ready for anything you throw at it. The motor as well, is sealed, and combines a completely new sensor harness. No messy extra steps to make your system water proof.
(Note: please dismantle and clean the motor and put some lubricant onto the bearings after using it in some harsh conditions.)

Built-in High-precision Magnetic Encoder

A high precision magnetic encoder is used in the motor to ensure precision and consistent information is provided to the ESC. This allows the ESC to have more information from the motor than standard “hall” type sensors and provides improved performance and efficiency.

Low Cogging Torque

The AXE R2 Motors have the extremely low cogging effect and torque pulsation.

New Waterproof Sensor Port

The brand new design of new waterproof sensor port has smaller size. Its wiring is simpler and more beautiful than AXR R1 system.

Available in Different Sizes & KVs

Five AXE R2 motors, 540L R2-size 1400KV/2100KV/2300KV/2800KV & 550-size 3300KV, are applicable to various rock crawlers.



Scale – 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless – BL
Sensored/Sensorless – SD
Pole Count – 4

Relevant Parameters

KV Rating – 3300
LiPo Cells – 2-3S
No-load Current(A) – 4.7

Size & Weight

O.D.(mm) – 36 (1.42in)
Length (mm) – 63.8 (2.51in)
Shaft Diameter (mm) – 5 (0.197in)
Weight (g) – 268


1/10th Rock Crawling

Additional information

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Dimensions 25.00 × 25.00 × 20.00 cm