Hobbywing 30402607 EZRUN-3665SD-3200KV-BLACK-G3


Hobbywing 30402607 EZRUN-3665SD-3200KV-BLACK-G3

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Hobbywing 30402607 EZRUN-3665SD-3200KV-BLACK-G3




This is Hobbywing EZRUN 3665SD G3 3200KV Sensorless Brushless Motor For 1/10 RC Short Course Monster Truck. The evolution of a sensored motor, increases performance.The EzRun 3652/3665 SD G3 features an improved waterproof sensored cable interface and an upgraded sensored mode to achieve motor temperature protection and perfectly matches the EzRun MAX10 G2 ESC.

The high-precision Hall sensor components ensures that the rotor position output is always accurate and consistent, achieving excellent linearity and a great throttle control. The EzRun 3652/3665 G3 motor adopts a high precision bearing that is waterproof in the front end of the motor. The rear end of the motor uses precision iron cover with a smaller structure to improve the capacity, and at the same time, provides a higher bearing speed while keeping resistance low. The operation is smoother and more reliable.

The motor adopts a modular detachable structure design for easy disassembly and daily maintenance. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the motor and maintaining the efficiency of the motor simple. The IP-67 waterproof system guarantees excellent waterproofing and dustproofing protection. The whole power system is able to drive on a variety of surfaces including mud, sand, ice, snow and water without damaging the power unit.



Feature :

  • -For: 1/10 RC Short Course Monster Truck

  • -Material: Aluminum

  • -Color: Black

  • -The evolution of a sensored motor, increases performance.

  • -Powerful hardware configuration, efficiency is greatly improved

  • -The stable power and high output of the motor, makes throttle control for maneuvers (power wheelies, straight line power, and clearing jumps) much easier.

  • -Applicable to All Weather & Track Conditions




  • -KV Rating: 3200kV

  • -LiPo Cells: 2-3S

  • -No-load Current(A): ≤7.1A

  • -O.D.(mm): 37

  • -Length (mm): 65.8

  • -Shaft Diameter (mm): 5

  • -Weight (g): 304




  • -Hobbywing EZRUN 3665SD G3 3200KV Sensorless Brushless Motor (1 pc)

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