Hobbywing 30404402 QUICRUN-3652SL-5400KV-BLACK-G2


Hobbywing 30404402 QUICRUN-3652SL-5400KV-BLACK-G2

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Hobbywing 30404402 QUICRUN-3652SL-5400KV-BLACK-G2

QuicRun 3652 SL G2 Sensorless Brushless Motor

The output of the motor is powerful and explosive.
Taking 3652-3250KV as an example and comparing it with the same specification, there is 10% increase in power.

Excellent performance, temperature is lowered
The motor efficiency is significantly higher when comparing it with the same specification.
Taking 3652-3250KV as an example, the efficiency of the rear section is 8% higher, motor temperature is lower under the same load condition.

Explosion-proof rotor design, strong and reliable
The rotor is designed with front and rear aluminum end plates, which greatly improves the overall balance. At the same time, the rotor is wound with high-strength tensile materials and has strong explosion-proof ability.

Solid material, strong and reliable
Provides a solid guarantee for the long-term excellent performance of the motor.

Detachable design for easy maintenance
The motor adopts a modular detachable structure design, which is convenient for routine cleaning and maintenance, effectively prolonging the service life of the motor and maintaining the working efficiency of the motor.


-Scale – 1/10th
-Brushed/Brushless – BL
-Sensored/Sensorless – SL
-Pole Count – 4
-KV Rating – 5400KV
-LiPo – 2-3s
-No-load Current(A) – 6.8A
-O.D. (mm) – 36
-Length (mm) – 52
-Shaft Diameter (mm) – 3.175
-Weight (g) – 224g
-Front Bearing – D13*D5*T4
-Rear Bearing – D13*D5*T4
-Applications – 1/10th On-road, Buggy, Truck (Light Load)

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