Hobbywing 30404700 QUICRUN-4274SL-2000KV-BLACK-G2


Hobbywing 30404700 QUICRUN-4274SL-2000KV-BLACK-G2

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Hobbywing 30404700 QUICRUN-4274SL-2000KV-BLACK-G2


This is Hobbywing QuicRun 4274SL G2 2000kV Sensorless Brushless Motor For 1/8 RC. The motor perfectly paired with the WP 8BL150 G2 ESC. It is equipped with a standard 6.5mm male connector (low IR) to support plug and play on the system. The motor has ultra-high efficiency, resulting in extremely low temperature buildup. Compared with motors of the same specifications and under the same test conditions. The front end of the motor uses a precise large bearing structure to improve load-carrying performance; the rear end uses a precise small bearing structure with lower resistance; Having asymmetrical bearings increases reliability and efficiency. The motor uses 10AWG silicone wire. Compared with straight out high-hardness enameled wire, the new wiring is simple and is aesthetically pleasing. At Hobbywing, we take pride in our manufacturing process and the high-quality materials we use to build a motor, that offer exceptional durability, maximum performance and consistency. The rotor is precisely balanced to reduce motor vibration and energy loss. It also further ensures good linearity of the overall powerband. The front end of the motor adopts a blind hole thread design to prevent the motor from being damaged due to long mounting screws; it also takes into account of M3 or M4 screw installation, which is compatible with various installation requirements. The motor adopts a modular structure design. It makes daily cleaning and maintenance convenient, effectively prolonging the life-span of the motor and maintaining the working efficiency of the motor.





  • -For: 1/8 RC

  • -Material: Aluminum

  • -Color: Black

  • -Perfectly compatible with QuicRun WP 8BL150 G2

  • -Increased efficiency and reduced temperature rise

  • -Asymmetrical bearing design, increases reliability and efficiency

  • -Silicone outlet, easier wiring

  • -Solid materials, quality assurance

  • -Good linearity and low loss

  • -Blind hole thread design, highly compatible

  • -Modular design, easy to disassemble and maintain




  • -LiPo Cells: 3-6S LIPO

  • -No-load Current(A): 5.9A

  • -O.D.(mm): 42

  • -Length (mm): 74.9




  • -Hobbywing QuicRun 4274SL G2 2000kV Sensorless Brushless Motor (1 set)

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