TAM-47489 Egress Black Edition


TAM-47489 Egress Black Edition

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TAM-47489Egress Black Edition


This assembly kit creates a special Black Edition of the legendary Egress R/C buggy, which originally took the world by storm after its 1989 debut, and was then given a further update in 2013. As the name implies, its color scheme is distinctly black-based, with dampers and front uprights switched to dark titanium anodized finishes, and the six-spoke wheels molded in silver to match a body to be painted black.


Shaft-driven 4WD chassis with carbon components
This shaft-driven 4WD chassis features a longitudinally-positioned motor and full ball bearings, while carbon fiber upper and lower decks ensure that the model has superb rigidity. Front and rear ball differentials offer excellent reliability and easy maintenance, working in tandem with the built-in center one-way to provide sure-footed movement, and the one-way can be locked if desired. Universal drive shafts feature the same design as those used in TRF series parts, in order to maximize transmission efficiency and minimize wear and tear. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is supported by four oil dampers equipped with aluminum cylinders, while the front and rear of the model are fitted with stabilizers. Aluminum front uprights offer excellent reliability, and ball bearings in steering linkage arms combine with 2mm thick carbon fiber plate to offer a linear steering response. The Egress also features a brushless motor.


★The three-piece steering tie-rod has a 2mm carbon fiber plate that helps to keep handling sharp and crisp.

★Dark titanium anodized uprights and oil damper parts are employed along with efficient universal shafts

★Lightweight carbon fiber is employed for the 2mm-thickness decks in the rigid double-deck frame

★This image shows the rear suspension, which also uses efficient universal drive shafts.

★Length: 430mm, width: 243mm, height: 157mm
★Wheelbase: 275mm
★Tire width/diameter: 32/88mm (front), 40/88mm (rear)
★2mm carbon fiber double deck frame
★Longitudinally-placed motor, shaft-driven 4WD
★Polycarbonate body and undertray
★Front & rear ball diffferentials, center one-way
★3-piece steering tie-rod
★4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension
★High-capacity oil dampers with aluminum cylinders
★Gear ratio = 8.33:1
★Type 540 motor and electronic speed controller (ESC) are sold separately.


Separately Required Items
★Type 540 motor ★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger


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