Tamiya 57863 XB Zakspeed Capri Wrt (TT-02) PRE BUILT


Tamiya 57863 XB Zakspeed Capri Wrt (TT-02) PRE BUILT

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Tamiya 57863 XB Zakspeed Capri Wrt (TT-02) PRE BUILT

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The Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Group 5 car featured a 1,427cc four-cylinder DOHC engine matched with a stretched body that was the result of extensive wind-tunnel testing and was far evolved from the original 2-door Capri road version. In the 1981 running of the German Racing Championship (DRM), three years after its initial entry, the car was sponsored by the German auto parts maker Würth and left the rest of the field in its wake as it surged to the Championship. Now, the legendary machine is recreated by this factory finished 1/10 scale R/C model. The wide and low form is accurately reproduced by the pre-painted and decorated polycarbonate body, including the big overhanging front/rear fenders, and the model also features gold 2-piece Mesh wheels, with the rear pair wider than those at the front.

The shaft driven 4WD TT-02 chassis employs a longitudinal layout with the battery on the left and the motor on the right, to offer excellent stability. In addition, it offers 4-wheel double wishbone suspension plus sealed 4-bevel differentials for a smooth ride. It is not short on looks either, with brake disc-shaped wheel hubs and stylish front bumper supports. It is a highly adaptable chassis, as it offers 2 different wheelbases, 2 ground clearance settings and 2 tread set-ups in addition to a range of 10 possible gear ratios. The included forward/reverse ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) allows smooth driving.

In addition to the painted body, this item also includes a wheel-type transmitter, battery pack and charger to allow instant enjoyment of driving. (*Battery pack and charger are included for Japan market only.) The 2.4GHz transmitter eliminates the need for frequency crystals, and is factory-paired with the receiver in the model to ensure that the receiver communicates with that transmitter only. Transmitter features detachable grip covers to match your hand size as well as a throttle trigger cover to increase the size of the throttle trigger for easier operation.。

●Length: 488mm, Width: 205mm, Height: 124mm ●Wheelbase: 251mm ●Tire Width/Diameter: 27/67mm (Front), 33/67mm (Rear) ●Bathtub-type Frame ●Shaft Driven 4WD ●Front/Rear 4-Bevel Resin Differentials ●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ●Front/Rear Friction Dampers ●Gear Ratio = 8.27:1 ●Type 540 Motor ●Electronic Speed Controller (Forward/Reverse Type)

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