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Separately Required Items
●2-Channel Transmitter
●Batteries for Transamitter
●Battery pack
●Battery charger

Wonder Shot!
This assembly kit creates the Comical Hotshot, an exciting off-road buggy inspired by that Tamiya legend the Hotshot. It comes with a stylish polycarbonate body pre-painted in red and with body mount holes already made; depictions of megaphone rear exhausts add a nice touch. The front bumper has space for the installation of four separately-sold LEDs. The GF-01CB chassis employs highly capable gear-driven 4WD and is paired with ST block bubble tires – take it for a spin on- or off-road and you'll have a whale of a time!

GF-01: Seriously Stable 4WD
This gear-driven 4WD chassis is based around a lightweight and tough monocoque frame, with power provided by the centrally-positioned motor. Sealed gearboxes protect from dust and debris and are integrated into the frame, while the built-in differential gears provide smooth cornering. This is reinforced by 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers and a two-piece tie rod steering setup with the servo on the left for excellent response. Two-piece wheels are joined by ST block bubble tires, and a range of Hop-Up Option parts are available to hop-up your model.

●Length: 345mm 
●Width: 244mm 
●Height: 191mm 
●Tread: 188mm (Front), 184mm (Rear) 
●Tire Width/Diameter: 46mm/99mm (Front), 56/99mm (Rear) 
●Gear-Driven 4WD 
●Monocoque Frame 
●3-Bevel Differentials 
●2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod 
●Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension 
●CVA Oil Dampers 
●Gear Ratio = 18.03:1 
●Type 540 Motor 
●Requires Electronic Speed Controller 

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