TAMIYA 57407 Star Unit Dual Rider T3-01


TAMIYA 57407 Star Unit Dual Rider T3-01

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TAMIYA 57407 Star Unit Dual Rider T3-01

Star Unit Dual Rider T3-01

Separately Required Items
●2-Channel Transmitter
●Batteries for Transamitter
●Battery pack
●Battery charger

This R/C model assembly kit creates the Dual Rider, a fun 3-wheeled model with a futuristic Takayuki Yamazaki-designed body featuring a prominent overarching canopy. It is molded in lightweight polycarbonate. The included driver figure offers numerous arm positions and headgear options, while separately sold LEDs can be used for the headlight

The T3-01 is a three-wheeled chassis comprised of two main sections (front and rear) connected by a center link; the front section houses R/C equipment and the power source, while the rear holds the integrated gearbox and motor. Positioned in the back of the front section, the servo applies motion to the rear section, which in turn makes the front lean. Support arms are moved by the servo, and help the model to self-right in the event that it turns onto its side. At the front, a telescopic fork has a built-in coil spring, while the rear features a cam-slide setup with cams on the rotating pitch axis: sliding left and right, they actuate the built-in coil spring to cushion the rear. A planetary differential gear is integrated into the rear axle.

★Length: 260mm
★Width: 135mm
★Height: 185mm
★Wheelbase: 196mm
★Tread (Rear): 91mm
★Tire Width/Diameter 21/61mm (Front), 25/59mm (Rear)
★Monocoque Chassis
★Rear-Wheel Drive
★Planetary Differential Gear
★Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
★Rear Suspension: Cam-Slide
★Gear Ratio = 10.7:1
★Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)
★Type 370 Motor included

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