Tamiya 58689A 2020 Ford GT Mk II (TT-02)


Tamiya 58689A 2020 Ford GT Mk II (TT-02)

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Tamiya 58689A 2020 Ford GT Mk II (TT-02)

Announced in 2019, the GT Mk II is based on the Ford GT, and the performance has been completely tuned with no limitations related to racing and public road regulations. A 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with a capacity of 700 hp is employed, and the body has been refined for aerodynamic efficiency. Only 45 of the full-size car are to be produced, but Tamiya is on hand with this R/C model assembly kit representing the car. The body is molded in polycarbonate, and the kit comes with stickers to apply the black, blue and gold parts of the paintwork, as well as various logos.

TT-02: Adaptive Balanced Shaft Driven 4WD
The TT-02 Shaft Driven 4WD chassis employs a longitudinal layout with the battery on the left and the engine on the right to provide excellent stability. In addition, it has identical left and right suspension arms and struts for easy assembly, as well as easy-to-maintain gearboxes. It is a highly adaptable chassis as it offers 2 different wheelbases, 2 ground clearance settings and 2 tread settings, plus a range of 10 possible gear ratios. It's not short on looks either, with brake disc-shaped wheel hubs and sleek front bumper mounts. The gun metal colored 10-spoke wheels use tread-patterned semi-pneumatic tires



★ Length: 479 mm, Width: 188 mm, Height: 112 mm
★ Wheelbase: 257 mm
★ Tire Width/Diameter: 27/67 mm (front and rear)
★ Bathtub frame
★ Shaft Driven 4WD
★ Differentials Front/Rear 4-Bevel Resin
★ 3-Piece Tie Rod
★ 4-Wheel Double wishbone Suspension
★ Front/Rear Friction Dampers ★ Gear
Ratio = 8.27:1 (9 other ratios from 11.38:1 to 7.28:1 possible using sprockets sold separately)
★ Type 540 Motor (included)


Not included:

  • -Requires: 2-channel Radio and Servo for steering;
  • -Requires: Polycarbonate paint for bubble painting;
  • -Requires: Bubble Paint;
  • -Requires: Tools
  • – 7.2 volt battery  and charger


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